Ron Krouk - Drawn to Paint: Still Life and Figure




January 9 – March 6
(no class on 2/20/18)

M: $350 / NM: $400


Drawn to Paint: Still Life and Figure

All Levels

Medium: Charcoal and Pencil

Instructor: Ron Krouk

The more you paint the more you realize how important drawing is! This drawing class is designed for artists who paint or would like to. It is also suitable for those who would like a structured approach to improve their drawing skills. In this class Ron Krouk will teach students how to rehearse the painting in a drawing, and how to understand form and space. Without picking up a brush or color, students will capture gesture, locate objects on the canvas, check the composition, orchestrate the big shapes, and articulate the overlaps to plan changes which will define the form. The focus of this class is: "what can I work out in a drawing, so that when I paint I can get down to business with value, color, and paint application". In this class students work from both, still life and the model, stressing their similarities rather than their differences. Each class will begin with shorter drawings to introduce gesture, contour, straight lines and negative shapes as ways of seeing. For those who take the painting class which follows this one, the drawing will be the first step for painting of the same set up or pose. (This class will include a model fee directly paid to the instructor)


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