Color and Light: The Luminous Landscape




Jill Pottle
Six-Week Class
Wednesdays, January 11 - February 15
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
$250 M $300 NM


Color and Light: The Luminous Landscape

Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Jill Pottle


Capture the richness of color and light in the landscape. Cloudy skies, water with reflections and crashing waves, these are a just a few of the subjects we will explore. Students will paint on a variety of colored surfaces. The underpainting will provide a sense of inner light that will create the illusion of depth and atmosphere. We will study the work of artists who explore this concept from Diebenkorn to Connie Hayes. Students will study the chroma, values, and tones of color relationships and discover how to use a range of light to dark. Excitement can be found in the relationships of brush marks and application of paint. Students will combine these ideas to create vibrant and colorful paintings. No solvents used in class.

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