Printmaking without a Press




Catherine Karp
Six-Week Class
Tuesdays, February 28 - April 04
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
$175 M $225 NM
($20 materials fee paid directly to the instructor)


Printmaking without a Press

All Levels

Catherine Karp


Printmaking is a unique artistic process. Being able to make multiples or a series of prints offers students the chance to play with variables like color, paper, adding and subtracting elements, and overlapping. Students will have an opportunity to explore relief printing with linoleum and foam, printing on fabric, sun prints, and making a collaborative piece. The process of printmaking lends itself naturally to working with positive and negative space. Along those lines, we will work with themes like construction/deconstruction, nature/machine and metamorphosis. A $20 materials fee will be paid directly to the instructor.

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