Drawing Practice for Those Who Think They Need It




Ron Krouk
Six-Week Class
Tuesdays, January 10 - February 14
10:00 am–1:00 pm
$250 M $300 NM


Drawing Practice for Those Who Think They Need It

All Levels

Ron Krouk


Improvement comes with practice. This class will introduce a set of very practical methods to tackle the problems of portraying the 3D world onto a 2D surface (proportion, observed angles, perspective, ellipses, value and gesture). The process of observational drawing requires us to let go of what we know and remind ourselves of what we are actually seeing. Instruction and exercises in methods for visual measurement, transferring angles, observing overlaps and plane changes, and gesture drawing will inform our practice. The starting point is observational drawing from still life, the figure, and interiors. Along the way we will regard drawing as a process of successive approximation and correction. In other words, "draw it wrong and then learn to fix it".


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