Finding Inspiration from Landscape Paintings




Emily Passman & Kathleen Jacobs
One-Day Workshop
Wednesday, February 08, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
$40 Members Only!


Finding Inspiration from Landscape Paintings

All Levels

Emily Passman & Kathleen Jacobs


Finding inspiration from landscape paintings at the MFA, painters Emily Passman and Kathleen Jacobs, will conduct an informative walk, look and talk about key landscape paintings in the collection. Participants will meet at the museum at 10am having been given pre-assigned essays to read about landscape painting.  As we walk through the different time frames, ancient to contemporary, the discussion will be focused on simply understanding from a visual standpoint; the use of color, shape, form, composition, and the feelings or narrative that may be transmitted from the work. We will discuss how and why landscape paintings have inspired us and how they have changed over the centuries. Lunch together at the museum is an option (but not included in the fee) in order to continue our dialogue about what still makes landscape painting relevant and inspiring for all of us.

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